You are viewing documentation for etcd version: v2

etcd v2 documentation is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest release, v3.4.0, or the current documentation.

This document describes the error code used in key space ‘/v2/keys’. Feel free to import ‘’ to use.

It’s categorized into four groups:

  • Command Related Error
EcodeKeyNotFound100“Key not found”
EcodeTestFailed101“Compare failed”
EcodeNotFile102“Not a file”
EcodeNotDir104“Not a directory”
EcodeNodeExist105“Key already exists”
EcodeRootROnly107“Root is read only”
EcodeDirNotEmpty108“Directory not empty”
  • Post Form Related Error
EcodePrevValueRequired201“PrevValue is Required in POST form”
EcodeTTLNaN202“The given TTL in POST form is not a number”
EcodeIndexNaN203“The given index in POST form is not a number”
EcodeInvalidField209“Invalid field”
EcodeInvalidForm210“Invalid POST form”
  • Raft Related Error
EcodeRaftInternal300“Raft Internal Error”
EcodeLeaderElect301“During Leader Election”
  • Etcd Related Error
EcodeWatcherCleared400“watcher is cleared due to etcd recovery”
EcodeEventIndexCleared401“The event in requested index is outdated and cleared”

Error Code